Veneer Stone

Veneer Stone

We provide a variety of solutions to help your home or place of business look newer and more fashionable. Here are some examples of the kinds of veneer stone and designs we provide:

Natural Stone Veneer: This kind of stone veneer is created by cutting and shaping natural stone to form a thin coating that can be applied to walls. Limestone, sandstone, slate, and granite are just a few of the many shades and textures that come in natural stone veneer.

Manufactured stone veneer stone: consisting of cement, aggregates, and pigments and shaped to resemble natural stone. The price of this form of veneer stone is frequently less than that of actual stone veneer, and it is available in a variety of styles, from conventional to contemporary.

Brick Veneer: Used to a building’s interior or exterior walls, brick veneer is created from very thin slices of actual brick. The hues and designs of this sort of veneer stone span from traditional red brick to sleek and contemporary white or black brick.

Stacked Stone Veneer: Stacked stone veneer is produced by stacking thin slices of man-made or natural stone together to produce a rough and rustic appearance. This kind of veneer stone is frequently utilized to make a focal point for a fireplace or accent wall.

Ledge Stone Veneer: Unlike stacked stone veneer, ledge stone veneer is produced from thin slices of manufactured or natural stone that are piled in a more haphazard and erratic fashion. A natural and organic appearance is frequently achieved by using this kind of veneer stone.

Cobblestone Veneer: To produce a distinctive and rustic appearance, small, unevenly shaped stones are bonded together to form cobblestone veneer. This kind of veneer stone is frequently utilized to provide a home or place of business a lovely and cosy ambiance.

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